• PGL Resettlement Training

    Forces Resettlement Training

  • Dip Gas Utility: Core Skill & Knowledge Level 3

  • Suitable for plumbing and heating engineers that hold a Level 2 NVQ in Plumbing and have been working alongside an experienced GasSafe registered engineer.

    Core Domestic Gas Safety – Natural Gas CCN1 incl CPA1

    Gas-assessment cost: £350.00 + VAT inclusive of training and assessment*

    Gas-assessment Duration: 1 day training and approximately 2 days assessments

    Domestic Appliances

    CENWAT Open flued, balanced flued (natural draught and fan assisted) central heating/hot water boilers and circulators, condensing boilers, back boiler units, combination boilers and combination units

    Initial: £300+VAT*

    Re-assessment: £160+VAT*

    HTR1 Range of appliances covered – Open flued gas fire (radiant/convector), open flued inset live fuel effect gas fire (ILFE), open flued decorative fuel effect gas fire (DFE) balanced flued gas fire and balanced fan assisted wall heater.

    Initial: £150+VAT*

    Re-assessment: £80+VAT*

    CKR1 – Domestic gas cooking appliances. Range of appliances covered – Free standing and slide in cookers, built-in hotplates, built-in/under ovens and grill units

    Initial £150+VAT*

    Re-assessment: £80+VAT*

    MET1 – Domestic Gas Meters-install, exchange, remove and commission domestic gas meters . Range of meters covered – Primary and secondary meters up to 6 cubic metres per hour capacity.

    Initial £150+VAT*

    Re-assessment: £80+VAT*

    DAH1 – Domestic gas fired ducted air heaters not exceeding 70kw input

    Initial £150+VAT*

    Re-assessment: £80+VAT*

    LAU1 – Domestic Gas Laundry Appliances– Tumble Driers, Wash Boilers

    Initial £150+VAT*

    Re-assessment: £80+VAT*

    Initial Package

    Gas assessment Package

    Core + 4 appliances (CCN1+CEN/WAT+CKR1+HTR1)

    Cost: £600+VAT inclusive of training and assessment

    Duration: 1 days training and approximately 3 days assessments

    Each appliance assessment takes approximately ½ day to complete.

    *A certification fee of £50+VAT is charged on all gas bookings, if elements are combined then only one fee is charged. Additional assessment time charged at £50.00+VAT per half day